New Jersey family searching Maryland for lost dog

A New Jersey family is searching Maryland for their lost dog, which got scared in a car accident on Interstate 95 in Baltimore and jumped out of the car.

Jaclyn Tracey, of Hoboken, N.J., and her husband, Andrew, were all around Baltimore Tuesday morning, putting up posters about their missing yellow lab, Charlie. The couple was involved in a car crash Sunday afternoon on I-95 near the Fort McHenry Tunnel.

“He’s our best friend, he’s a great dog. We’ve had him for six years. Jaclyn raised him as a puppy and we had him when we got married as well,” Andrew Tracey said.

Jaclyn Tracey is seven months pregnant and, as a precaution, stayed in the hospital Sunday night. After getting out of the hospital, she and her husband have looked everywhere. They’ve even left articles of their clothing at Riverside Park near I-95, hoping the dog would get the scent and come there.

“The car started filling up with smoke so we opened the door and the dog jumped out of the car and he ran at least a mile down Interstate 95,” Jaclyn Tracey said.

Police said they saw Charlie exit the highway at South Monroe and Russell streets about 4 p.m. Sunday, the last time Charlie was seen.

The whole family is involved trying to find Charlie.

“Charlie’s a wonderful, wonderful, dog. She’s pregnant and she was so waiting for Charlie to meet this baby. We just want him returned. If anybody has him, please, please return him to my daughter,” said Beth Holland, Jaclyn Tracey’s mother.

“We got him when he was a small puppy (while we were) in college. I’m pregnant with my first child, and I was really looking forward to seeing Charlie and the baby together. He really is a part of our family and we just want to get him back safe,” Jaclyn Tracey said.

If you have any information regarding Charlie’s whereabouts, call the Traceys at 973-945-7072. 

Maryland SPCA director Tina Regester said lost animals that are brought to the shelter have a three-day hold time before they are made available for adoption. During that time, the animal is listed on its lost and found portal on the website

Regester said anyone who finds a pet can fill out a form on the site and include a photo — it’s not just for the SPCA. Regester said anyone who sees a missing animal can then contact the owner directly, and they don’t have to bring that animal to the shelter.

People who find lost animals can submit a found report, too, so owners can check it to try to find their missing pets. If they find them, they can contact the person who has their animal directly.

Regester said the page also offers other useful tips to find lost animals.